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Mobile Ticketing: The Wave of the Future
Before heading out to a game or concert, we all tend to run through the same mental checklist of essential items to take with us: keys, wallet, phone, and the all-important ticket.
online ticketing
Measuring the Success of Your Ticket Management Program
Cendyn Ovations provides strategies for implementing, operating and measuring a ticket management program.
online ticketing
5 Minutes with Rachel Akande
Rachel tells us what she enjoys about being an Account Coordinator as well as her hobbies outside of ticket management.
ticket manager
5 Minutes with John Parker
As Senior Account Director, John is responsible for the successful delivery of technical and business endeavors for clients.
5 minutes with Ryan Greene
See what our Senior Director of Operations does to unwind and why he loves working for Cendyn Ovations.
5 Minutes with Ryan Greene
5 minutes with Celeste Harris
As an Account Manager, Celeste focuses on providing outstanding ticket management support for one of our top Fortune 100 clients.
5 minutes with Celeste
Top Strategies for a Successful Client Ticket Experience
We’ve assembled the top strategies that our ticket management clients use for their successful Super Bowl planning.
Preparing for GDPR with Cendyn Ovations
At Cendyn Ovations we’ve been working hard to ensure Ovations is prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, and in turn, ensure you are prepared too.
GDPR ready
Travel chat with Sara Toth – VP, Enterprise Business Solutions
Sara Toth, Vice President, Enterprise Business Solutions, has been with Cendyn for 14 years and oversees the operations and development of Cendyn Ovations.
Sara Toth
Change management in corporate ticketing
Corporate ticket management affects many departments of an organization and can seem intimidating to change providers.
Corporate ticket management
Don't let Corporate Ticket Management be the forgotten ROI! Cendyn Ovations experts walk you through six simple steps to ensure that your company is making the most out of its entertainment spend.
Meet the team – Cendyn Ovations Support Manager Daniel Gomez
I provide client support and monitor services for maximum uptime.
Daniel Gomez
Travel chat with Kevin Ryan – Sr. Director of Product Development
Kevin Ryan oversees all product design for Cendyn’s Ovations solution, leading our development team with implementations.
Kevin Ryan